Thursday, 20 August 2009

In stock now!We don't sit on our laurels here at Powertraveller. That's why we're pleased to announce the arrival of the new minigorilla portable charger for laptops!

Designed specifically to work with the latest netbooks, the minigorilla is also able to charge e-readers, camcorders, mobile phones and many more electronic products that require a 19v DC input or less.Featuring a range of voltage settings (8.4v, 9.5v, 10.5v, 12v & 19v), the minigorilla has a 5v USB output, meaning you can also recharge your mobile, iPod, iPhone, PDA, PSP and more.

Incorporating the latest HDLP (High Density Lithium Polymer) battery technology, the minigorilla will have maximum power efficiency to size and weight, giving you up to an extra 6 hours of power for your netbook!The minigorilla portable charger has the same finish as our brilliant powermonkey-eXplorer charger for phones and handheld devices, with a laser-etched rubber coating, meaning it's tough and durable. Supplied with a universal AC travel charger that works in over 150 countries around the world, a neoprene carry case and a whole host of monkeynuts to allow connectivity to the most popular of electronic products.

minigorilla has many safety features including short-circuit and over-charging protection. If a previously used output voltage saved in the minigorilla's memory is higher than the voltage a new device to be charged requires, the minigorilla will automatically shut off. If the USB and DC output ports are empty, minigorilla will automatically shut off after 2 minutes and if devices attached via USB and DC output port are fully charged, minigorilla will also shut off. The minigorilla has a long storage life, if it hasn't been used for a year, the battery capacity lost is less than 10%.

minigorilla features an LCD screen which indicates battery capacity status and level of charge left in minigorilla, and the blue backlight will automatically turn off after 5 seconds to save power.The minigorilla can be recharged via the included mains charger or via our fabulous solargorilla! The solargorilla will fully recharge the minigorilla within 6-9 hours and minigorilla can be recharged via its included mains adaptor in 5.5 hours

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In July 2009, Darby Allen, managing director of Team Momentum Ltd, travelled to Africa to help run a unique Team building exercise.

The aim of the exercise was to take 6 teenage boys (aged 14-18) from 4 countries with widely differing cultures, religious beliefs and family circumstances to work together for 4 weeks in the challenging environment of the African Bush. The exercise was designed to foster respect for cultural, religious and social differences whilst subjecting the group to a wide range of physical and mental challenges in a foreign and potentially dangerous environment.

The exercise took place in South Africa, Zambia and Kenya and was broken down into 5 phases:

Phase 1 – South Africa - Introduction to the history of South Africa, tour of the township of Victoria, visits to a number of Orphanages and schools. Tandem Skydiving.

Phase 2 – Zambia – White water rafting and 5 day kayaking along the Zambezin River, camping out each night. Emergency First Aid course.

Phase 3 – Il N’gwesi, Kenya – introduction to the poaching trade & anti poaching operations. 2 day anti poaching exercise working with the anti poaching unit.

Phase 4 – Lewa, Kenya – 5 day hike with a camel train. Each pair of boys responsible for the welfare of 8 camels. Lion and Rhino tracking

Phase 5 – Chyulu Hills, Kenya – 5 day tracking and survival course with the Massai Warriors

Phase 6 – Masai Mara, Kenya – 4 day Safari

Prior to the trip the boys were tasked with raising money for charity by getting sponsorship for the Tandem Skydive they were to complete during the first few days of the trip. The money raised was used to buy supplies that the boys then presented to a number of Orphanages and Schools.

During the exercise the boys had to complete a number of team tasks including; navigating over 50 kms in Kayaks along the Zambezi River whilst avoiding the potential dangers posed by Hippos and Crocodiles; completing 5 days of long hikes carrying their personal equipment over rough terrain; completing a 2 day anti-poaching exercise with the local anti-poaching squad; buying, slaughtering, gutting, skinning and cooking a goat for a group of Massai Warriors and completing a simulated casualty exercise resulting in the evacuation of a casualty via stretcher over 3 kms to a helicopter pick up.

The group spent most of their time on foot deep in the African Bush with no access to any form of power supply. Within the group we had 2 satellite telephones, 9 mobile telephones, 1 laptop and a variety of cameras and camcorders. With nervous parents expecting regular updates, it was important that we were able to maintain communications.

The only source of power available for the majority of the trip was the sun, a Solar Gorilla, a Power Gorilla, a power monkey eXplorer and solar monkey solar charger. With at least 12 hours of sunshine each day, the solar gorilla and solar monkey were in constant use throughout the 4 weeks. The units spent their time attached to the top of rucksacks, perched on the roof of a tent, secured to the roof of a Land Rover or tied to a Camels back!!

The units all worked perfectly throughout the trip. Their compact size, ease of use and minimal maintenance requirements made them an indispensible part of the kit list. They are robust under the most demanding conditions and most importantly look very cool!!

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